Thursday, 20 March 2008

Highway an continues .......

Thank you Parkhill for listening to us and asking about my story. I have a picture of my

Age 7

We hope you enjoyed our highwayman stories we are looking forward to listening to your stories too!
from Gearies infants school.

I hope you enjoyed our stories I am looking forward to your stories as well
I hope your teacher enjoyed it as well!!!!!!!!!

from Geariesinfants school!

I have enjoyed reading to you once again.I hope you enjoyed our stories what we had read to you. If you would like to see more of our stories then visit our blog:-

age 7

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Park Hill Juniors share poems with us

The poem was excellent we LOVED it . we liked the front cover it.
Was the best . we liked the intresting words you put in your poem It was the best poem I heared ever. T h e eagle on the cover was lovely
Thank you for reading the poem to us. I
Hope you come and see us soon see you
Soon goodbye.
Natalie soi 7.
The poems you read to us was pretty good I thing you shall deserve a big clap from. All of us .
Did you like seeing us ?
The poems you read were the best Ive ever seen I have had the best time ever
I have had a good time but for now I will say bye bye

It was realy fantastic thank you for writing your poems about the lovely story fly eagle fly.I think you worked hard. It was really kind of you to read some fantastic poems about fly eagle fly
I was wondering is that your favourite book? and is that your favourite thing you like doing in class?
Thank you for your hard work and magnivasant work. Me and my class was very imprested to. Thank you Park Hill School.
It was fantastic and good and thank you. You can just make it a little bit better if you made the words clearer.
but it was good and we all liked it. Some of it was funny .Your class was really nice.
Age 7Par