Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Parkhill Junior School children share stories

Today two children from Parkhill Junior School shared their versions of Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs stories.

Both children wrote excellent versions of the stories and read them to us using video conferencing.

Class P at Gearies Infant's enjoyed them very much!
The children and Mr. Lea asked lots of questions.

Parkhill Junior School and Gearies Infant's have decided to create a joint blog to start writing story reviews.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Hatton and Gearies enjoy another singalong together

Today we re-joined Hatton's singing assembly. Just like last week we were warmly welcomed.Most of our children really enjoyed the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song. Lots of our children did not know the song or the actions. So after we said goodbye. Our children asked if they could sing and try the actions out. So that is what we did.

Mrs Ryan really enjoyed meeting up with Hatton again. "You always give us a warm welcome and it would be really good if Gearies could have a welcome song as well"."I've never been involved with video conferencing before and I've found its such fun!"

Our children really enjoy singing with Hatton school and watching themselves on the big screen. Several of our children that often don't say that much, have started to interact with purposeful questions and answers.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Great start to our project.

Yesterday Gearies and Hatton Schools meet up for the first time using Video conferencing.
Gearies children join in with Hatton's singing assembly. They welcomed us by singing hello and it was then that I think the children from Gearies started to realise that they were not watching a television.
Hatton had kindly sent us a board with symbols of songs that we knew and could share with one another.
The interaction between the two school was fantastic. Children taking it in turns to choose different songs. Children sharing actions together, both schools singing and rowing to Row Row Row your boat.
Some of our children were sitting on the carpet and signing to the songs.
When one of our children choose Old MacDonald had a farm we shared which animals were on the farm and one of Hatton's children showed their soft toy of a chicken.
Our staff thought it was really good to share with Hatton School and some very positive learning took place. We had all been a little apprehensive to how the children would react from both schools, but we no needed to have worried as the children enjoyed every moment of it and can't wait to sing together next week.
On reflection I really should have taken some photo's of this link up, but I was so involved with the conference.
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