Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Gearies replay

Yesterday children in class p read their stories to Park Hill jr useing video confrence. The people who read their poem was
Munnaan and Ameara and Millie.The poem was called The Highway Man.We made our own version.
Their was was 5 verses.

If you want to see more go on .

Friday, 4 January 2008

More animation!

Today we have just finished making a animation about Bella's Wish.

We made this animation by useing a plain green box and deceraiting it with blue paper ,a piece of cardbord and green paper. Yasmin Age 6 in a half

Today we have just finished making an animation about Bella’s wish. we were using the digital blue to film with. I had to keep clicking the camera 4 times each time Bella or the fairy moved. We looked at our film and the first time and saved it. Mrs Barker put the film on the Internet.

I liked making the animation because it was good to make a little story up with Yasmin.

Theodora aged 7