Sunday, 23 December 2007

Video Conferencing

This is a new venture for the children and staff at Gearies.
We have been very fortunate to be asked to participate in a project linking Redbridge schools with Havering.
This week Y1 children have just had their first experience of linking up with Engayne Primary School in Upminister.
This went really well, with children sharing what their school were like and what each other enjoyed doing at school.
We look forward to our next link, where we will progress and find out more.
Y2 this week listen to a story about Trim the cat from The National Maritime Museum. The children enjoyed this experience and you could hear them saying that was really cool, as they were leaving the ICT suite.
Coming soon .........
Parkhill Junior School have been busy creating bedtime stories for our year 2 children.
Click on the video conferencing title at the top of the page to read their stories.
Y2 will be in conference with Y6 from Parkhill to listen to the stories written. They have been busy making/collecting props to add to the creativity of their stories.
On Thursday 29th November we are conferencing with nationalarchives, whereby we are going to be sharing our learning on The Great Fire of London.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Animation lunch time club

Angela and Umar liked creating a bowling animation.
We glued some yellow paper together to make the bowling lane.
we put the black card on the sides to stop the ball from rolling off the lane.

We used plastic skittles and ball.

How we made the animation.

We stuck blue tack onto our ball
We used a web came to film our animation with 2Animate
We moved the ball very slowly and clicked each capture.
When we finished we saved.
we enjoid it very much.

Angela and Umar

More Stories from Parkhill Juniors

Today we have been listening to a story and poem that junior children had written for Class P.

The poem fun and exiting because you used lots of describing words.

My feelings are like inpresive cause you took your time to read your poem.


The story was inpresive and exiting because you really took your time.
The story was fun and good because you read it slowly and without any mistakes.
My heart felt like it was broken but most of all I liked your story it was nice.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Video conferecing with Rachel

Today we laent about the graet fire of LONDON and we enjoyed it very much.

I like it when you told us about all the important information that happened at that time.

thank you

from Gorana.

I enoyed it because I actually like seeing the building of the national archives.

Thank you

from Arman.
I enjoyd it because Rachel made it very interesting showing us different objects and documents. Thank you Khadeeja

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Parkhills stories

Today we listen to 2 stories written by two children in year six.
I liked the first story about a little boy who heard a noise then the mum came and said to the boy to go to bed but he heard a noise again then again his mum came and said I fort he was asleep.
Thak you
From Calan

I enjoyed listening to the stories written by Parkhill children, they were fab.
My favourite one was about the kitten, when the mother cat said don't get your clothes dirty, the kittens did get there clothes. They went to there room and staed there for the rest of the day.

Thank you . From Lois.