Sunday, 31 January 2010

BETT 2010 - Olympia

We were so proud to be asked by 2Simple. com to take part in a project with them and Cleveland Primary School.

The outcome of this project would be to take part in a games challenge on the Stephen Heppel Playful learning stand.

We started our project designing games using a great piece of software 2DIY.

We shared our games with our fellow pupils and Cleveland Juniors school and they shared their work with us. visit
We designed the blog together and through the use of the blog we were able to review and comment on one another games. This lead to reviewing on how we could make our games more challenging and exciting.

Just before the show we meet with the children from Cleveland school via skype, this was most interesting with the children exchanging and sharing.

The children gained a lot from this experience.

When I asked Rishi what he felt he had learned from the project he said that it games him chance to think creatively and used a lot of his thinking skills to design the games.

We are going to be carrying on designing games after half term through our ICT clubs.

To play some of the games visit