Monday, 29 September 2008

Just 2 Easy

At the weekend i should my famliy the lgfl that has a multimedia word document on it. Mrs Barker asked if any of the children in Y2 would like to share and create stories with their familes.

My brother helped me type the Pied Piper story and my dad helped me put the picture on the story i loved typing on lgfl it took a long time to do it but i still liked doing it and i'm looking forward to record it and put some sounds on my story.

aged 7

Friday, 26 September 2008

Exploring control vehicles

Gearies foundation years have been exploring
our new control vehicles.

Sara says you can do what ever you want to do with them.

The children have been creating their own vehicles using Duplo Make 'n' Go and Commotions Duplo buggies.

Laila and friends made an animal train.

They enjoyed making their train, and liked playing with the remote control. "It keeps going backwards"

Making a tower with the commotions buggies.

"Can we move our tower"?
"Oh lets try again with not so many bricks"