Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Class M video conference again with.......

We have been linking up with Engayne Primary School this morning and I like the school because they have a big field with houses around it. We asked children if a football had gone flying into the houses around. They said NO.


age 5

I like the board in our class because you can write on it.

Aged 5

I learnt about they had three building the juniors and infants have one each and they both share one.
Age 6 .

I liked the board that the children at Engayne use because you can walk around with it.
Manisha age 6

I saw the juniors classes and fields where they play foot ball and rugby.
Mani Age 6

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

video conferencing

The children liked our fish. I liked learning about their pool because I like going swimming.
Ibrahim age 6

Today we have been video conferencing with Engayne School. we shared different bits about our school.


age 6

I like the Swimming pool because it was nice and beautiful. I think the children from
Engayne School like the walk to school chat.
Age 6.

I took lots of photos of our class and a class at Engayne School showing one another different photos about their school.
Age 6

Today I learnt that Engayne school was different to our school because it has a swimming pool. A large field and a very big playground.
Isabelle I
Age 5

Monday, 25 February 2008

Catching up with Engayne primary

Today we saw another school on our smart board. We were using a big camera to see all the children and we showed some photos to them of things outside our school. The children said they liked our climbing frame. The children from Engayne had a nice swimming pool.
age 6

Monday, 18 February 2008

Rare and endangered animals

Last half term the children in Y2 have been very busy finding information about animals. The children then used this information and created their own creatures.

Well Done to all the children in Y2!

Use the link to visit the blog that was created once again by the children to display their work.

Please leave your comments as I am sure the children will love reading them.