Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Making a fruit salad together.

Today children from Gearies and Hatton school, shared instructions on how to make a fruit salad.

The children from Gearies welcomed Hatton with our hello song.

We then asked Hattons children if they could find and match the fruit that we were showing into the camera.

All the children responded very quickly and were eager to start making the fruit salad.

Once the children had finished matching all the fruits. The adults were asked to peal and core the apples and pears.

Tianna and Jas counted out 5 grapes each and put them into the bowl. Then we peeled two bananas and cut them into small slices. The children from Hatton were watching and following.

The children from Hatton were very good at cutting their fruits . This really helped some of our children to prepare the fruit to be put into the bowl.

All the children were excellent at listening to instructions and were very knee to take part in the making of our fruit salad.

I like to thank all the staff involved in this link up. A big thank you to Ben our video man for operating the camera and keeping us all focused and also a big thank you to Miss Finch for taking all the lovely photographs for us to be able to share our experience with others.

We hope Hatton enjoyed making and eating the fruit salad as much as we all did!

Looking forward to next week when Hatton's children help us to ice some biscuits

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