Thursday, 11 December 2008

Icing biscuits with Hatton School

Yesterday we linked up with Hatton School once more.

Today we would follow the lead on how to ice biscuits for Christmas time.

Hatton were very organised and sent us patterns that they would be using with the children. This was very much appreciated as we had had a technical issue with dialling up on the video equipment.

Hatton children choose the first pattern that we were to follow. Our children listened carefully so that they could match the correct icing colour.

They then very carefully iced onto their biscuits.

We designed four different patterns, and enjoyed eating them very much.

The children concetrated very hard whilst they were icing, checking with the help sheets and listening carefully to the instructions that were being given from Hatton School.

We would like to thank all the children and staff from Hatton school for making it such a great expierence of sharing one anothers knowledge and skills.

Gearies children and staff have enjoyed all of the activities that they took part in and hope that in the new year that we may continue to share together once again.

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